Stáňa Šlosserová - interiérová a kostýmní designérka a styliska - dokonalý styl pro Vás a vaše bydlení

Stáňa Šlosserová

Studied art at The Art and Design School of Prague. After the studies she
went to England for english studies where she took a First certificate of English
from Cambridge board. There she was offered her first job in the film industry.

Since then she has been working as a costumer, costume designer and stylist
in the movie industry, on many feature films, music videos and commercials
worldwide. She is also helping with finding a new image for people in
showbusiness or traditional business.
Stana provides image workshops
and makes uniforms for restaurants, hotels and other businesses.

She also designs and redesigns flats, restaurants, hotels and commercials places.

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